Friday, May 10, 2013

Wrap and Slim Review and Giveaway!

I have promoted a lot wraps in the last year and I have always wondered if they work, so of course when Lynnese of Wrap and Slim! contacted me and asked if I would review a "wrap" Ultimate Body Applicator I was very excited and a bit nervous. I mean I would have to talk about my body and thats not something I normally like to discuss. I guess that means it's time to make some changes, so here I go!

When I first got the wrap in the mail, which came really fast, it came in this nice envelope and fit right in my mailbox  which was really nice I always miss the door deliveries. I made sure to read the instructions on the wrap and Lynnese also sent a flyer with instructions  tips, and her contact info. so I could keep in touch and let her know how it was going or if I had any questions!

Once I was sure I knew how to apply it correctly, I got started, it is suggested to have clean skin before applying the wrap and take measurements 3" above the belly button, at the belly button, and 3" below belly button, before & after you wrap & again at 24 hours & 72, to take before and after pictures, to drink lots of water before, during, and for 72 hours after, you need to drink half of your body weight in water. 

Now that I have have clean skin, taken my pics and measurements. I am ready to open the wrap and put it on! As I open it I immediately smell the botanically based solution that is on the wrap. I just have to say I really love the smell of it! I put the wrap on and once in place I wrapped myself in Plastic Wrap to keep the Ultimate Body Applicator in place! (did need a little help with the plastic wrap) The minimum amount of time to keep the wrap on is 45min (suggested for first time use) altho this is my first time I 
talked with Lynnese and decided to wear it for 2 hours since I only had one wrap to apply. Once applied it felt tingly on my stomach, I thought it would be very uncomfortable to wear, it really wasn't, other than a little tight when sitting or bending.

Before Wrapping 
Above belly Button 41" At Belly Button 41" Below Belly Button 43"

After Wrapping 
Above belly Button 42" At Belly Button 41" Below Belly Button 44"

As you can see I gained an inch on both the above and below measurements, I talked with Lynnese, she explained this is bloating due to the toxins in my body and is a good thing, altho I couldn't tell by looking at my after pics that I was bloated or gained anything, I did feel my skin itself looked much clearer and really soft.

Here's my results at 72hrs

Above belly Button 40" At Belly Button 39" Below Belly Button 42" so I lost 1" above, 2" at, and 2" below!! WOW!! I really didn't expect this! I am super happy about This Crazy Wrap thing! Just keep in mind that the minimum wrap time is 45 min, I suggest this when you're using a full application which is 4 wraps!

What I liked most about wrapping, was the smell of the botanically based solution that tightens the skin, the way my skin felt after taking the wrap off & the inches lost of course!

Things I didn't care so much for, was having to drink half my body weight in water, that was really hard, and altho I drank a lot I didn't drink half my body weight, leaves me to wonder if I had would I have lost more inches? Also I'm a coffee addict!! It is ok to drink some, I chose not to.. that was really HARD!! lol

For a limited time at Wrap and Slim! When you mention this offer you can get a 2 week supply of Defining Gel for $10.00 it reduces appearance of cellulite, tightens, & firms skin! visit her website to see the other wonderful products she offers or e-mail her at

Now for the Giveaway!! Lynnese has been kind enough to offer One Warp and 2pks of Greens on the go valued at $35.00 to one of our lucky readers!

Now who wants to win a Ultimate Body Applicator 
& 2pks of Greens on the go??

Giveaway is open US Only! Winner will be contacted by email from within 48 hours after the giveaway ends! Winner will have 48 Hours to reply to the E-Mail before another
winner is picked! Ends 6/10 3pm pst.

Enter Below for your chance to win!

Wrap and Slim! is responsible for prize shipment!


  1. If i win i will keep it and use it in my belly or arms

  2. If I win yes I will be keeping them for myself and I would use it on my stomach which needs it the most.

  3. If I win, I would keep it for myself. My problem areas are my stomach and hips, they just need to shrink. LOL!

    Good Luck to all those entering!

  4. if I win I will pass this to my Aunt, she started a diet/exercise plan last month & I think that this product would help her confidence :)

  5. I am DEFINITELY keeping it, I need it all over now that I'm almost 40!!!

  6. I would keep it. I would use it on my belly.

  7. I would keep it and use it on my belly

  8. If I won, I would keep it and use it on my belly.

  9. This would be a really awesome thing to be able to try and review myself :) Thank you for the chance.

  10. I would keep this for me and use it on my tummy or thighs

  11. I would keep it.. I would use it on my belly.

  12. Would love to win, I would definitely use it on my thighs. I have used these before and love the results, seeing how I have a Florida vacation coming up, my legs could use it! :) Thanks for the opportunity :)

  13. I would keep this if I won and use it on my belly.

  14. Going to use it on my belly. Great way to give me a boost towards my goals!

  15. I would keep it and use it on my belly

  16. I would LOVE to try this!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. I would give it to my husband. He lost 130 pounds and is worried about his loose skin.

  18. Great tools for helping you keep your skin tight and clean

  19. I would def use it myself && on my legs, tummy, && arms.



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