Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fat Fighters Review & Giveaway!

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Lynnese from Wrap and Slim! asked if I would try the Fat Fighters and give my experience with them! I thought a pill that fights fat? I had to give it a try!

The purpose of the Fat Fights is to help reduce the fat and carbs that you are putting in your body and "dispose" of them. You take 1-2 Fat Fighters about 15-60 minutes after a Big meal.

Facts from the sponsor

Blocks some of the fat & carbs from meals
Helps balance blood glucose level and reduce cravings
Designed to be taken up to an hour after meals
Cactus-based formula 
Does not contain shellfish

I didn't take these everyday, just when I had a big meal or one 
that I felt was real fating! There were days that I did take them 
in a row as we don't have the healthiest eating habits and are on 
the go a lot. What I noticed most was, you know when you have the 
really BIG yummy meal that you just love and tastes so good, but 
when you are finished you just can't move and feel so sluggish that 
you just want to lay there. I didn't have that after taking the 
Fat Fighters. Which was wonderful as after dinner which is normally 
my biggest meal, I still have a lot that needs to be done and feeling sluggish and blah is just no good!

The other thing I noticed was that I would have a regular bowel movement the next day and the following day even if I didn't take them that day. I know it's not something we like to talk about, yet it is so important. If your not having them then all of that stuff your putting in your body isn't coming out so what is it doing? Not Good things that's for sure!

I don't really have any cons about these, I think they do just what they are suppose to do and I am truly missing them as my body adjusts to not being regular again! :( I loved them and plan on getting some for myself soon.

I was also able to try another wrap, back in May I did a review for a "wrap" Ultimate Body Applicator and just wanted to touch base on my results. See my Review for more details.

So my results from the last wrap were, Above Belly Button 42" 
At Belly Button 41" Below Belly Button 44" I had lost 1" above, 2" 
at, and 2" below! which I was totally excited about. I hadn't 
measured myself again sense then. when I went to use this wrap 
I measured and got, Above Belly Button 37" At Belly Button 37" 
Below Belly Button 40" That's like an adverge of 4 or 5 more 
inches lost since May!! Crazy

This time I wore the wrap for 8 hours well I slept lol which is the max suggested time to ware one. I just gotta say it again I LOVE the smell of these things! My 72 Hour results were, Above Belly Button 36" At Belly Button 34 1/2" Below Belly Button 38" I had better results then the first time which I hoped for as I wore it longer and I am excited to see where I will be in the months to come! Over all I am fitting into clothes I haven't fit into in years and I can feel my body changing and that is a wonderful feeling! :)

Now for the giveaway!! One Warp and 2 Greens on the go 
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  1. I've never tried a wrap before but I really want to. I'd definitely keep it!

  2. I would keep it for myself and I would use it on my stomach. I used one before and I really liked it.

  3. Would love to try these! Thanks for the chance. :)

  4. Would love to try these! Thanks for the chance. :)



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